20+ Tricks to Charge Phone Battery Faster and Safer

These days, people need 4 things to survive: food, water, air, and phone charging. And YouTube – oh, that’s five. Anyway, we want our phones to charge as fast as possible, even if it means messing up our little digital friends! Well, there’s a right way to charge your gadgets fast so they serve you longer – and there are some wrong ways!

For example, cheap and unknown charging devices can ruin the battery. There have even been cases when batteries caught fire because of a poor-quality charger! As for laptops, always work with them on a flat surface. When you put it on your lap or lay it on a bed or pillow, it seriously overheats and ruins the battery. So, guys, avoid the myths and try these tips!

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The quickest way to juice up 0:29
Try to stick to Wi-Fi 0:48
Do it through an outlet 1:04
Remove the battery 1:30
Room temperature is best 1:56
How to charge your iPhone faster 2:56
Remove a case 3:06
Don’t fall for the online hype 3:50
Don’t charge it to 100%
Monitor the status of your battery 4:38
Set a very black picture as the wallpaper 7:06
Use solar battery charging 7:32

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– The phone charges faster in Airplane Mode because it disconnects all communication channels.
– Turn off the sound so the charge lasts longer, and don’t forget the vibration! It’s a real energy waster.
– Use an original charger from the manufacturer. It perfectly matches the characteristics of your particular phone.
– It’s not good to constantly keep the battery without work, so try to discharge and charge it at least once a week.
– In winter, when you come home packing your computer bag in with you, let the laptop warm up a bit in the room before you use it.
– On average, a phone charges up fully after 1½ to 3 hours. But there is a way to charge it up to 79% in about 15-30 minutes – that would be a quick charge feature.
– Your phone feels really hot and stuffy in a case, so remove it when it’s juicing up.
– Wireless chargers aren’t nearly as effective as conventional ones when it comes to speed.
– If you have an older phone, unplug it when the battery’s fully charged.
– You should “train” your battery capacity once a month. You do that by letting it run down to 0% and then fully charging it up to 100.
– Don’t leave a laptop connected to the network with a 100% charge when you aren’t working with it.
– Modern phones are designed so that background apps don’t waste power.
– If you go outside, but can’t leave your laptop, then you can use solar battery charging.

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