22 WAYS to customize your macbook (organization + customization tips and tricks)

customize my macbook w me from scratch haha! updated 22 ways to customize your macbook with mac os monterey! enjoy x

*part 2 (20 more ways to customize!):

00:00 hello
00:50 aesthetic aura lights wallpaper
03:50 aura lights screensaver
04:20 make folders
05:00 custom minimalist folder icons
05:40 how to change folder icons
06:15 customize dock magnification
06:45 clean and organize dock
07:25 customize widgets
08:05 auto light to dark mode
08:20 change accent color
08:25 change highlight color
08:35 remove recent applications on dock
08:50 show percentage battery
09:00 show time with seconds
09:30 notifications
09:45 save battery
10:05 remove recent downloads on dock
10:35 new custom aesthetic wallpaper
12:00 flip clock app
12:25 widget: color widgets
12:55 widget: smart tasks

download the wallpapers i photoshopped here!

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