Easy Way to Pill Your Cat | Pets Plus Us Tips and Tricks

Is your cat uncooperative and fidgety when it’s time to give them a pill? Let one of the friendly and knowledgeable veterinary experts from Pets Plus Us show you how to quickly and easily give your cat their medication in this informative video.

Dogs are usually more than happy to take any food you give them. However cats tend to be more picky and less trusting. While you can purchase products that allow you to sneak a pill inside a treat, these products don’t appeal to all cats so it’s good to know how to manually pill your cat.

Run your thumb and ring fingers along the side of your cat’s jaw, making sure to keep your hands behind the mouth area, and hold it in place. Using your other hand, gently pry the jaw open, keeping your fingers away from the teeth. Drop the pill into the back of the throat, close the cat’s mouth and make sure he or she swallows the pill. If they don’t swallow it, lightly blow on their nose or stroke their throat to make them swallow.

If your cat is particularly uncooperative, then try swaddling them like a baby in a bath towel and make what we like to call a «kitty burrito.» Making sure to tuck the front corner of the towel under the chin and over the front claws so there is no concern about scratching, gently open the mouth and dispense the pill as mentioned above.

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1 de marzo de 2023 2:51 am