How to Use OneNote Effectively (Stay organized with little effort!)

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Explore the power of OneNote for organizing your ideas, tasks, and information efficiently. This video offers practical tips and tricks to maximize OneNote’s potential.

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✨ Key Highlights:
▪️ Hierarchical Organization: Learn to structure your notes with notebooks, sections, and pages.
▪️ Create a system that mirrors your workflow for maximum efficiency.
▪️ Utilizing Tags: Tags help categorize and group notes across different notebooks or sections, making retrieval quick and easy.
▪️ Capture Ideas with Sticky Notes: Discover how to use Sticky Notes integrated into the OneNote mobile app to jot down thoughts on the go.
▪️ Extract Text from Images: Explore OneNote’s OCR feature to extract and search text within images – a boon for research and data collection.
▪️ Immersive Reader for Focused Reading: Use the Immersive Reader to reduce visual clutter and enhance concentration when reviewing notes.
▪️ Additional Useful Features: Explore OneNote’s additional capabilities like Ink to Shape, Ink to Text, and solving math problems directly within the app.

Most of us take notes in some way or another – on a piece of paper, in a notebook, or with some app. But are your notes always readily available when you need them? And more importantly, can you easily find a specific note you’re looking for?

I tried a lot of note-taking systems in the past and I can’t tell you how many great ideas were lost over the years because I just couldn’t find the piece of paper anymore, I scribbled some notes on. It wasn’t until I found a way to use Microsoft OneNote effectively that it changed for the better. Many people don’t know that OneNote is much more than just a digital notebook.

In this OneNote tutorial, I explore how you can take full advantage of OneNote, and share my 5 personal OneNote tips and tricks on how you can become more organized.

00:00 Why Use OneNote
01:46 Use Hierarchies to Get Organized
04:37 Use Tags to Find What You Need
07:04 Capture Ideas Anywhere With Sticky Notes
08:23 Extract Text From Images
09:35 Focus With Immersive Reader
11:04 Additional features in OneNote you may find helpful (Ink to Shape, Ink to Text, Ink to Math)

You can download OneNote for free and and it’s available for Windows and for Mac.

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12 de marzo de 2024 5:34 pm