How to use Samsung Notes For Note taking and Planning

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The Key2Success Planner works across many devices and applications, and one of the more recent additions to the lineup is Samsung Notes. Today, we’re sharing how to use Samsung Notes for note-taking and digital planning. We’ve used Samsung Notes on the Samsung S22, Z Fold 3, and the new Tab S8 Ultra.

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In the video, learn:
0:00 Intro
1:47 How to create a note in Samsung Notes
2:40 How to add a PDF file
4:42 How to add pages
6:00 How to bookmark pages
7:00 How to adjust page settings
7:40 How to Enter Full-Screen Mode in Samsung Notes
8:09 How to draw with your finger
8:24 How to type in Samsung Notes
9:12 How to scan a document and mark it up
9:55 How to use the S-Pen Tools in Samsung Notes
15:42 How to convert written text into type
16:35 How to convert an entire written page into type
18:27 How to create shapes
19:34 How to use the companion feature with multiple devices
20:40 How to import images
21:12 How to share a page

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