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There are 3 Rules of Intex Pool Maintenance:
1. Balancing your water chemistry. This means knowing what chemicals you need to have on hand and when to add them to your pool.
2. Maintaining good pool circulation, like how often to run your pump and filter and how to keep your system clean.
3. Sticking to a simple pool cleaning routine. This includes how often to vacuum and brush and what types of cleaning supplies work best for a smaller pool.

Once you master these 3 basic rules of Intex Pool maintenance, you’ll be able to keep your Intex, EasySet, Quickset, Coleman or any smaller above-ground pool clean and clear all season long.

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⏰ Timestamps:
00:00 – Introduction to Intex Pool Maintenance
01:56 – Rule #1. Balance Your Water Chemistry
02:34 – Chemicals For Intex Pools
03:10 – Balance Alkalinity and pH
04:12 – Adjust Your Cyanuric Acid (CYA)
05:05 – Add Sanitizer (Chlorine Granules or 1-Inch Tablets)
05:49 – Supplement With Mineral System
06:14 – How Do You Need To Wait After Adding Chemicals?
06:38 – Shock Your Pool Once A Week
08:01 – How Much Shock Should You Add?
08:46 – Should You Test Calcium Hardness
09:02 – Chemistry Checklist and Summary
09:30 – Rule #2. Maintain Good Pool Circulation
09:42 – Run Your Filter Pump 8 Hours Daily
09:58 – Aim Return Jets 45 Degrees Towards Bottom
10:24 – Cartridge Filter Cleaning and Maintenance
11:09 – Sand Filter Cleaning and Maintenance
12:07 – Empty Skimmer and Pump Baskets Weekly
12:23 – Circulation Checklist and Summary
12:54 – Rule #3. Keep A Simple Cleaning Routine
13:11 – Cleaning Supplies For Intex Pools
13:23 – Skim Pool Every Other Day
13:37 – Brush Pool Every Other Day
13:52 – Vacuum Pool Weekly
14:37 – Wipe Down Surfaces Weekly
14:52 – Cleaning Checklist and Summary
15:09 – Pool Care Cheat Sheet

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