tab s6 lite top tips – Best Tips and Tricks Galaxy Tab S6 Lite One UI

tab s6 lite top tips
In this video I go over some of the many features loaded in the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite. I cover the questions about Samsung One UI that have been asked in the comment section of the previous Tab S6 Lite videos, and also add a few Samsung One UI 2.5 tips and tricks. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite is a very popular tablet among a variety of group of people, many of which are interested in the basics and mid level features of this tablet.

Video TimeStamp:
0:00 intro
0:25 Basics
1:38 Shortcut Menu
2:34 From Shortcut to a Feature’s Settings
3:03 Split Screen
4:30 Multi Tasking
5:19 Transparency Feature (Multitask)
5:53 Pop Up View
6:34 PIP in Pop Up View
7:48 Screen Off Memo
8:55 Smart Select
10:27 S Pen’s Settings Shortcut
11:02 Toggle S Pen’s Sound ON/Off
11:51 Dark Mode
12:30 Screen Recorder
13:29 Screenshot
14:11 Maximum Power Saving

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