The Amazing Surface Pro 3 : Tips and Tricks

In this video I show off my favorite tips and tricks for the Microsoft Surface Pro 3! I show how to use a collaborative digital whiteboard using OneNote, I show how to use the SP3 as a gaming console (I demo Titanfall), I demo using the SP3 as an Android tablet, and show a custom start button (Start8). I also provide an overview of my most loved tips and tricks videos that I’ve created over the past several months, and briefly touch on Random Ruby – my Windows Store app. Do explore the videos in my channel to check out other Surface tips and tricks videos!

You can get a Surface Pro 3 on Amazon:

My favorite Surface website:

Using android on the Surface Pro 3:

Getting the custom start menu that I show:

Download Random Ruby for Windows :

Download Random Ruby for iOS :

You can find out more about each of the accessories shown by clicking on the Amazon links below:

Netgear Miracast Adapter:

Multi-out Mini Display Port for Surface Pro 3:

Inateck USB 3.0 Hub with Gigabit Ethernet for Surface Pro 3:

Xbox 360 wireless adapter:

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18 de diciembre de 2023 7:34 am