THIS is why you should put a Dishwashing Tab down your Drain 💥

Have you ever put a dishwasher tab down your drain? – Here I show you why you should definitely do that!

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Dishwasher tabs are something most people have in their house if they have a dishwasher. But did you know that you can use a dishwasher tab to clean a lot more than just your dishes? In this video, I’ll show you why you should put a dishwasher tab down your drain.

Because with this you can clean the drain and free it from grease and food residues. Because these inevitably get into the drain through washing up and ensure that it becomes more and more clogged. With a dishwashing tab you can loosen these contaminations and grease. To do this, take a dishwashing tab and place it down your drain.

With the kettle or on the stove you should now bring water to a boil. Once this boils, dump it directly onto the dishwashing tab that is in the drain. This will cause it to dissolve and run down the drain along with the hot water. All food residues as well as dirt and grease will be flushed out of the drain. Afterwards you should rinse with some hot water and the drain is free of grease and dirt again.

You can always do this when the drain is draining badly, but also regularly to prevent the drain from clogging.

Therefore, be sure to try this trick once. You can of course also use it in the bathroom or shower!

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9 de marzo de 2023 8:34 am