16 Tricks to Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

So you’re minding your own business watching a video on YouTube when your phone shuts down without warning. Well, maybe not completely without warning, but that 5% battery life popup wasn’t that long ago, was it? The good news is that there are a lot of ways you can extend your phone’s battery life.

Did you know, for example, that just like you’ll shiver in the cold or sweat in the heat, your phone doesn’t like extreme temperatures either? Or that animated wallpapers or ones that have special effects will drain your battery for no real benefit? Or that switching on airplane mode can reduce power consumption by up to two thirds? Interested? Then try these simple tricks to prolong your phone’s battery life!

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Don’t let the charge run out 0:27
Lower brightness and screen out time 0:58
Use Wi-Fi wisely 1:29
Use power-saving modes 2:14
Avoid fast charging 2:39
Keep the temperature just right 3:19
Use airplane mode 3:59
Watch fewer videos on your phone 4:30
Disable or delete Facebook 5:04
Store your phone at 50% charge 5:46
Turn off location tracking 6:23
Disable automatic updates 7:03
Turn off AirDrop and Spotlight 7:29
Use simple wallpapers 7:55
Disable hot words 8:21
Know how much power your apps are using 9:01

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– Modern batteries are designed to empty between 300 and 500 recharge cycles, depending on the model.
– Lowering your phone’s brightness can go a long way toward extending its charge.
– Any time Wi-Fi is on but not connected, your phone is wasting energy searching for Wi-Fi signals.
– Many modern phones come equipped with power-saving software to keep them on longer.
– Charging too quickly makes the process less efficient. This can reduce the amount of storable energy by as much as 20% for the rest of that charging cycle.
– You can expect to get a little more charge at temperatures above 113°F.
– Your phone is still interacting with the network even when asleep. Switching on airplane mode can reduce power consumption by up to two thirds.
– If your screen is the component with the most significant power draw, its only natural that streaming video is going to be one of the biggest power-draining activities.
– Storing a phone at 100% can wear the battery down over time.
– Many apps will automatically update as soon as there is a new version available. This isn’t as big a power waster as some things on this list, but you’ll want to turn it off if you’re trying to get the most out of your battery.
– If you’re on an iPhone, you can save a little extra power by disabling the AirDrop and Spotlight features.
– If you want to cut power cost, you can turn off Hot Words under the Siri or Voice setting on your Apple or Android Device.
– If you’ve tried everyone else and you still can’t get your battery to last, it might all be the fault of one or two power-hungry apps.
– You can see how much power each app is using by going to the battery setting on your phone.

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