How to Set Up Google Family Link | Google's Parental Controls App Step By Step Tutorial

Google has a solution for everything. With that being said, if you want to control your kid’s device without taking their device, watch this video till the end. In this video, we explain how to use Google Family Link.

Whether you are using iPhone and the kid is using Android or vice versa it doesn’t matter. You can use Google Family Link on either.

If you are an iPhone user, you need to install Google Family Link for iPhone and on your kid’s phone install Google Parental Control on Android. Once you have the Parent Controlling app installed you can set up a family link and keep a watch on your kids remotely 24×7.

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0:47 Steps
0:53 Open App Store in parent’s phone
0:56 Search for Google Family Link for parents.
1:04 Get Google Family Link for parents
1:07 Open Play Store on Kids device
1:11 Search for Google Family Link for children
1:16 Tap Install and leave the phone ideal
1:24 Setup Google Family on the first device
1:33 Select the account that you want to use to monitor kid’s phone
1:38 Tap Next – Continue.
1:42 Will get a prompt asking Does your kid has a Gmail account.- tap Yes – follow on-screen instructions.
1:54 A code will be generated
1:57 Go to child’s phone – Google Family Link for Children – this device – select the account you want to keep an eye on. This will remove other accounts
2:19 Enter the code that was generated on the parent’s phone – enter the password and follow on-screen instructions.
2:43 Grant permission
2:55 Will get a list of apps – toggle off the apps you want to block – follow onscreen instructions and done.
3:23 Choose to customize parental control on parent’s device – next – continue – you will now be able to view kids device.

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