Oven Glass Door Cleaning with a Dishwasher Tablet | Oven Cleaning Hacks | How to Clean Oven Easily

Oven Glass Door Cleaning with a Dishwasher Tablet | Oven Cleaning Hacks | How to Clean Oven Easily
How to Clean Oven Glass Door | Easy Clean Oven Glass | Clean Oven Door with a Dishwasher Tablet

Cleaning glass oven doors can be a daunting task! The grease and grime that gets stuck on the oven glass does not want to come off without a major scrubbing effort. Today I am showing you an easy way to clean baked on grease and grime off your oven glass door in less than 15 minutes! Let’s get cleaning! 🌟Links below!🌟

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Favorite cleaning products:
Spray Bottle:
Baking Soda:
Distilled White Vinegar:
Dawn Dish Soap:
Method Dish Soap:
Scotch Brite Double Sided Sponge:
3M Scour Pad (Blue):
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser:
Round Scrub Brush:
Long Scrub Brush:
Juicing Scrub Brush:
Finish Dishwasher Tablets:
Seventh Generation Dishwasher Tablets:



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Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel. I’m embarrassed to say but I don’t know the last time this oven door was cleaned. It can be such a daunting task but today I am going to show you a quick way to clean the glass and door in 15 minutes or less! Start by filling a bowl with the hottest tap water you can get. Then, take a Finish dishwasher tab and unwrap it. Put on some gloves to protect your skin and then drop the red power ball in the bowl of hot water (i’m not really sure if using the red power ball makes a difference or not but I put it in there for good measure). Dip the white surface of your dishwasher tab in the water and then gently begin scrubbing the glass with the tab. Don’t press down on the tab too hard as it will break. I found that the tab will break apart over the course of your cleaning as more and more water is getting absorbed into it as is intended to do in the dishwasher so if that happens you can make the decision to keep using the broken pieces or grab another tab. I wiped the door clean a couple of times throughout this process once it got messy so that I could see what I still needed to tackle. After I was done with the glass I also used this method to clean the ceramic part of the oven door. Once you think you’re done, wipe down the door and glass with water until all residue from the tab is removed. Then give it a good spray with a water and vinegar solution to give it a streak free shine. I was completely amazed how well this method worked and it took me a total of 12 minutes! Thank you so much for watching! Please remember to comment, like, and subscribe and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye!
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